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Bust/Headshot: $2.00/ 160Points
Half Body: $4.00/ 320Points
Full Body: $10.00/ 800Points
Extra character: $1.00/ 80Points Each

6tag-1442152191-1280906222253711277 1442152191 by vdaze-art   Fuzzybootsmcgeeocs by vdaze-art  Request commission 1 by Violet-Daze  Request commission 2 by Violet-Daze   Full Body Sketch Ex by vdaze-art   Armored lady by vdaze-art  


Bust/Headshot: $3.00/ 240Points
Half Body: $6.00/ 480Points
Full Body: $12.00/ 960Points
Extra Character: $1:00 / 80Points Each

        Lydia Inked by vdaze-art laugingJack ink by vdaze-art   Space Princess Wip By Violet Daze-da3dwcq by vdaze-art  Mask by vdaze-art  Request Commission4 by vdaze-art  Request Commission3 by Violet-Daze

My Ocs Fullbody Draw By Violet Daze-da3e63i by vdaze-art  

Mature Content

Inktober Day1 by Violet-Daze
  I'm not funny ink by Violet-Daze  

Mature Content

Zombie Kenny by Violet-Daze


Bust/Headshot: $5.00/ 400Points
Half Body: $8.00/ 640Points
Full Body: $15.00: 1200points:
Extra Character: $2.00 / 160Points Each

Xander edited by vdaze-art   Lydia edit by vdaze-art   LJ edit by vdaze-art   6tag-1442152191-1167732599748182461 1442152191 by vdaze-art   Venus fly trap edit1 by vdaze-art  Sushi Bar Style by Violet-Daze   Nathan by Violet-Daze   Ryder by Violet-Daze  request for rizuu_ by Violet-Daze  Liz by Violet-Daze  

Digital Colored

Bust/Head-shot: $6.00/ 480Points
Half Body: $13.00/ 1040Points
Full Body: $18.00/ 1440Points
Extra Character: $3.00/ 240Points Each (This doesn't apply to headshots.)

Tokole doodle 1 by Violet-Daze  Mob by Violet-Daze   Selfportrait Colored Sketch By Violet Daze-d9pao62 by vdaze-art   Gummie Bears By Violet Daze-d9uzxgv by vdaze-art   Cupid me  by vdaze-art   Reina fanart by vdaze-art  Ryder doodle by Violet-Daze   Dead Cute 1.1 by Violet-Daze   Clarence Wendell and The Eye of Coogan by Violet-Daze  

Simple Poses

(This are just examples so you have a better idea on what I can and can't do well. Prices will be the same as above: half body sketch, half body ink,etc.)

Some of these are referenced and some are free handed. I prefer to use references since I do slightly better.  
Poses reference by vdaze-art

I will draw:

  • Your Oc's (Reference required!)
  • Fan Art
  • Couples
  • "Yaoi", "Yuri" and Hetero Pairings
  • Kemonomimi 
  • Simple Poses

I will NOT draw:

  • NSFW
  • Animals
  • Gore:Things like blood stained clothes, light scrapes,cuts and bruises are ok. Just nothing graphic (Ask).
  • Anything Hateful or Rude.

**Regarding Background**

I've started adding backgrounds to my art very recently there for I am no good at them.

I don't mind adding simple things like "sparkles" or flowers tho(Ask).
However if you wish for me to do a background regardless we can talk about it and set a price through note.

I will refuse commissions if I do not feel comfortable with it's content.
I will also refuse If I cannot focus on commissions due to lack of time, College, every day life, stress, etc.

I am not  good with complex poses so plz DON'T ask for too much. I'm still learning, what you see in the examples is as much as I can handle at the moment.

**I will only take 3 commissions at a time.**  

Prices may be lowered depending on the size but my drawings are usually sticker(?) Sized  Most of them are around 6'' to 8'' (long) x 5'' to 6'' (wide) ((They may be bigger))   

I roughly based the prices on those sizes, my current level of skill and the time it take me to finish them. (I have no idea if I'm under pricing or over pricing, my apologies for that.)

I am slow, please don't rush me. If I can't do or finish your commission for whatever reason I will let you know.

The materials I use are Prismacolor pencils, Micron pens, Gel pens, Sharpies, Bic markers, Watercolor paint, Lead/Mechanical pencils, Acrylic paint and good old sketchbook paper (11''x 8.5'') for my drawings.

Drawings will be cropped either as a square or a sticker, you choose.

The drawings won't be laminated since I don't have the materials to do so.

I will upload a small watermarked version or a WIP in here and/or on my instagram Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! _vdaze Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U!  I will be giving rightful credit to everyone of course.

Please proceed to pay me once I upload the watermarked version, I will take it down if I do not receive payment.

New PayPal IconPayPal bullet or :points:  ONLY!!  

 FREE Shipping to the U.S ONLY.

**Prices will be cut in half if you do not want the drawing physically sent to you. 
    In this case I will be sending the un-watermarked drawing through e-mail or post it here if preferred.**
(this of course does not apply to digital commissions)

*You can post your commission anywhere you want as long as you give me credit and link back to either this or my other Deviantart account DeviantArt DeviantArt  or my Ig :instagram: _vdaze :instagram:  

Note Contact me through NOTE Note 


Gmail Icon mini Arrow left Arrow right Gmail Icon mini 

Slots Open

1. :iconlovely-redroses:
2. :iconrykeforlife187:

*Please feel free to ask if you have any doubt!
**This journal will be edited/updated from time to time.**

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Hi guys! :wave:  
My apologies for the lack of art lately, I AM still drawing I'm just trying to catch up with all the stuff I owe and I've also been working on some gifts. I'm trying to get everything done and out of the way so I can finally start taking point commissions. I've been kind of all over the place with my drawings and forget to upload them here, that's why I will be uploading multiple drawings every now and then, so no I am not dead! just a little unorganized!! :XD:

Ps. For those I watch, expect a fav spam!
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Sorry for the inactivity this past few days, I'll be babysittin this week and possibly the next too.

I'll try to upload something as soon as possible. Quite possibly a collab, commission or request.

See ya soon!! :-)
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This is just a few of things I'll be uploading as soon as I can.
Not in order.

Commission(+2) for :iconstaticlove2400:
Commission for :iconla-thanatologue:
Request(+2) for :iconxdarkkingdomx:
Request for :iconblackhands31: (ay dios que verguenza!! Este lleva meses sin estar hecho... Disculpa...:embarrassed:
Request(+2) for :iconincinerax:
Request for :iconyaoi-otakugirl:
Art trade with :iconbrandonkillen13: DONE!
And SEVERAL gifts.

I'm also gonna do more Steven Universe screencap redraws, they are quite fun to do and I find them to be great for practice!! So if there is a screenshot that you would like to suggest for me to draw then feel free to show it to me!! :D

If I forgot a trade or a request plz tell me so I can add it here!! :-)
  • Listening to: stronger than you by Estelle
  • Reading: the assassination classroom manga
  • Watching: Steven Universe