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:iconviolet-daze:Violet-Daze posted a status
Hi guys, I know I'm practically dead in here and that I've said I would come back a hundred times already but I do want to be here, I've just been busy with everyday life and have not been drawing nearly as much. Whenever I do draw it's often South Park fan art or crappy sketches. I do admit that I have become a little disinterested on deviant art for quite a while as well...I don't really know why but one of the reasons is that I joined deviantart to try end get much needed critique and feedback on my art. Nice comments are always appreciated they always brighten my day and I'm always overjoyed when someone likes what I do but those do little to help me improve.
I'll try to get in here once in a while tho, since I have friends in here whom I adore and miss a lot and there are also plenty of amazing artist. 

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